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Professional Ventilation Services

When homeowners think about improving their home's comfort or the efficiency of their HVAC system, ventilation is usually not the first area that comes to mind. However AtticFiveStars Construction, knows ventilation is vital to the health and comfort of any home. When your attic, crawl space, or basement aren't properly vented, your home will retain moisture and heat, making it uncomfortable.

AtticFiveStars Construction specializes in a wide variety of home ventilation services, and we can help you keep your home healthy and comfortable. Call AtticFiveStars Construction today to get a home evaluation and a free estimate on any of our ventilation services!

Key areas of the home for ventilation.

  • Attics:
    Hot air naturally rises, which is why your attic is the hottest space in the house in the summer. However, if this hot air can't escape the home, the living space under the attic will get uncomfortably warm. Attic fans are a smart addition for many homes, as they will forcibly exhaust hot air from the home, which is especially important if you have ducts for your air conditioning system in your attic..
  • Roof:
    Passive roof ventilation is another ventilation option for many homes. Ridge, and gable vents are the three main types of roof vents, and each will allow hot air to escape the home to maintain cooler temperatures. AtticFiveStars Construction can help you determine how much ventilation your home needs.
  • Crawl spaces:
    Unlike the top of the home, vents in the crawl space work against your home's air quality, efficiency, and comfort. Vents in the crawl space allow damp, humid air to enter the crawl space, where it will damage insulation and lead to mold growth. Encapsulating a crawl space eliminates these problems by bringing the crawl space into the building envelope and creating a dry, healthy space.

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