Attic Insulation Removal

M any homeowners inquire about removing the old insulation from their attic, rarely is this necessary. The only time we recommend removing old insulation is when the insulation has been fire damaged, water damaged or heavily infested with rodents. Most homes have some old or “existing” attic insulation already in their attic. Typically we just add more insulation to what you already have in order to bring the attic up to an R-30 or R-38 rating. The existing insulation may be dusty, filled with old roofing debris and look quite tattered, but it’s just old material; it doesn’t contain asbestos nor contain anything that wouldn’t be rendered safe once new and fresh material is installed over it. Also, there’s no chemical interaction or problem with mixing various insulation materials either. We actually can save you money by using your existing insulation as a base and installing enough additional material over it to bring the attic up to R-30 or R-38.



We Remove Blown-In Insulation

Our attic insulation removal service involves the use of a high-powered vacuum, which is connected to a very long hose. All of the dust and debris can be suctioned up safely and efficiently and collected in a large-volume filter bag, which is specifically designed to collect the insulation material. This material is then placed outside of the home. With such technology, removing blown-in insulation is a safer task.

We Remove Batt Insulation

If the attic in your home currently has batt insulation, Attic Five Stars can also remove this for you. This is done by placing the insulation in contractor trash bags and manually removing it from the attic (as you see depicted in the picture). This still requires a professional approach in order to avoid any possible dust contamination or potential health risks.

Why it is important to have an attic cleaned.

Your health is the main reason why you must decontaminate your attic especially if you had a rodent infestation. When mice and rats produce droppings on various surfaces in your attic, bacteria and viruses could affect your lungs.

Choose Attic Five Stars

Using experts like Attic Five Stars really does make a difference and helps avoid the risk of contamination, which can happen when trying to remove insulation material directly from the attic or crawl space through the inside of the building rather than channeling it outside using a high-powered vacuum. Whether we’re dealing with batts or removing blown-in insulation, we go about getting rid of this waste in the safest way possible.