Attic Decontamination

O ur technicians will remove this damaged insulation, we often use an industrial vacuum unit to remove rodent debri, loose insulation and roofing debri from the attic and sub-areas. If we’re working on your crawlspace this usually includes removing the vapor barrier as well, as rodents will tear it in order to build a nest underneath.

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Our Decontamination Process

After the contaminated insulation is removed, Attic Five Stars then treats the areas with a organic disinfectant and sanitizes the areas.

Rodents carry diseases and they leave filth that can create a biohazard. As part of either attic or substructure crawlspace clean-up, Attic Five Stars applies a disinfectant to surfaces. This disinfectant can’t be removed, and greatly aids in the decontamination process. It is applied as a fog that drifts into hard-to-reach areas or, when needed, as a heavier spray that penetrates deeper into the surface build-up.

The odor from rat or mouse urine, feces, and dead rodent carcasses can be intolerable. The disgusting odor is always found where they’ve lived and sometimes it reaches into the living space of your home. When a rodent carcass is still decomposing, the odor will penetrate walls and make your home unbearable to dwell in. Our deodorizer will help you in your home against the pheromones, that attract other rats and mice.